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  • Baptized at the age of three days, made her first Communion at age eight, and received a good education. In her late teens she became the target for offers of marriage, but began to feel a call to religious life. Spiritual student of Father Mauro Venuti. The call to religious life became stronger, but she was torn between the contemplative cloister and working with the sick, poor, disabled and abandoned on Palermo. Her family strongly objected to her choice, especially when she and some like-minded tertiaries began going door to door in poor neighborhoods, wearing a backpack of supplies, helping the sick, feeding the poor.

    Founded the Capuchin Sisters of the Immaculate of Lourdes on 24 January to continue her work; it continues to do so today. Born to an esteemed Milanese family. Hermit on Monte San Giorgio, Italy. His reputation for piety spread, which led to a series of people asking for his advice, and his intercession in a plague in ; he recommended pilgrimages to the tombs of saints and to ask for their intercession, which worked.

    Journey to Sainthood

    Miracle worker. Born to the nobility, a member of the house of Cham, she was married to the Mazalin, Count of Portis, and the mother of one son. Widowed, she converted her castle into a hospital for the poor, and lived as a prayerful recluse at the Benedictine abbey of Saint Maritius in Niederaltaich, Bavaria, Germany. She became known for spiritual insights and wisdom, and was a much-sought advisor. Son of Anastasius; nothing else is known of Vitalian before his election to the papacy. Chosen 76th pope in His pontificate was marked by constant conflict with the eastern patriarchs and leaders over their support of Monothelite heresy.

    Helped settle the conflict between English and Irish bishops over the date of Easter. Came into conflict with archbishop Maurus of Ravenna who declared his see independent from Vatican control; he and the pope excommunicated each other, and emperor Constans II intervened on the side of the archbishop, and it wasn't until that the controversy ended. Member of the household of the imperial Roman senator Eutychiu, Devota wanted to devote herself to a life of God, but was imprisoned, tortured and martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian by order of the prefect Barbarus.

    Tradition says that flowers bloom out of season on her feast day. Pilgrim to the tomb of Saint Martin of Tours.

    St. Angela Merici - Ursuline Sisters of Toledo, Ohio

    Pilgrim to the tomb of Saint Dionysius near Paris, France. There he became sick, but was restored to health by an apparition of Saint Dionysius. During a Lenten retreat, Marius received a prophetic vision of barbarian invasion of the region, and the destruction of his monastery.

    The village of Saint-May is named in his honour, and the first biography of the saint was written by one of his spiritual students, Bishop Lucretius of Die, France. Arrested, tortured, and executed in the persecutions of Antoninus Pius. While he was in custody, a pagan temple collapsed, destroying the statue in it; Julian was immediately accused of magic and of having caused the destruction, and was immediately executed. Born to the Roman nobility. First bishop of Le Mans, France. Evangelized around Le Mans, an area under the influence of the old Roman pantheon and the Druids.

    When he felt he was growing too old to effectively discharge his office, he retired to live as a hermit at Sarthe. Many extravagant miracles were attributed to him by writers long after his death. Due to the Norman invasions, his name was carried to several parishes in England. Professed cleric in the Sons of the Holy Family. In he was in the military, serving during the week and studying in seminary on when off duty. At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the seminary closed and he was mustered out of the army; he moved to Barcelona, Spain and worked in a soap factory.

    Arrested and executed for his faith. Served as doorman and porter for his house. Chaplain of the Mercedarian house of Callao, Peru. Noted for his deep prayer life, his charity to the indigenous people and the poor, his miraculous ability to heal by prayer, and by visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mbogo clan. Member of the Ugandan royal court. One of the Martyrs of Uganda who died in the Mwangan persecutions, the last one to die in that persecution.

    Martyred in the persecutions of the French Revolution. In , while making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she became suddenly blind when she was on the island of Crete, but continued her journey to the Holy Places and was cured on her return while praying before a crucifix at the same place where she was struck with blindness a few weeks before. When, in the jubilee year , she had come to Rome to gain the indulgences , Pope Clement VII , who had heard of her great holiness and her extraordinary success as a religious teacher of young girls, invited her to remain in Rome ; but Angela, who shunned publicity, returned to Brescia.

    Finally, on the 25th of November, , Angela chose twelve virgins and laid the foundation of the order of the Ursulines in a small house near the Church of St. Afra in Brescia.

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    Having been five years superior of the newly-founded order, she died. Her body lies buried in the Church of St. Afra at Brescia. Her feast is celebrated 31 May. Note: After this article was written, her feast was moved to 27 January.

    Foundress of the Ursuline Sisters

    APA citation. Ott, M. Angela Merici. In The Catholic Encyclopedia.