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Now to ice this badboy, and hope that it ends better than it started. Look at that cake. Oops, lost the candles. Not much goes as planned in my life. That's okay. She pretended they were there and just blew out nothing after we were done singing. She's such a good sport about Mommy's ineptitude. Happy birthday, and Happy Valentine's Day. A very happy, very tired, very content mommy and daughter on a very special mommy and daughter day. A new precedent has been set. A stand that lasted 11 hours. A stand that means that the welfare of the women of Texas remains intact.

Senate bill 5 proposed that all abortion clinics include a mandatory ambulatory surgery center, and banned most abortions past 20 weeks. While my views on the cap of a gestational age for abortion differ, I vehemently decry the attempt to take away the rights of women who want or need something that disagrees with my personal view. Senate bill 5 would have closed most of the abortion clinics in Texas. Senate bill 5 would have, in all likeliness, driven women to drastic, dangerous methods of termination, especially in rural areas where access to abortion as it is currently is extremely limited.

Pink sneakers. While that is not the most memorable part of the 11 hour ordeal, Senator Davis' pink sneakers stand out. She wore them in preparation for a 13 hour ordeal, in an attempt to stay comfortable during the filibuster where she would not be allowed food or drink, to lean, to sit, or to ask for help in any way. At one point, she requested assistance of another senator in putting on a back brace in order to remain standing. The senate angrily voted that this was in violation, and the motion was upheld. That was her second of three allowable warnings before the senate could vote to end the filibuster as a result of straying off topic.

The senate failed. There were many remarkable words spoken last night. Leticia Van De Putte's statement of "At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues?

Bridging the Gap

Senator Davis' filibuster was muddled in the last few hours due to an unclear ruling on a third warning and subsequent confusing and possibly illegal tactics by the Senate, but in what is being called a "People's Filibuster," the spectating crowd erupted into such a roar of chaos that the vote was delayed long enough to kill the bill and kill the potentially deadly consequences it would carry. Senator Davis did it. She took a literal stand for the women of Texas, and with the nationwide support, she set a precedent not only for her own state, but for all states as well.

She set a precedent that clearly states that women deserve the right to safety and choice. She set a precedent that will follow us today to our daughters tomorrow, and to our granddaughters after them.

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As long as women like Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte and you and I continue to fight, to continue to stand our ground, we will keep our sisters and our daughters and their daughters after them safe. We will continue to ensure that they have the RIGHT to safe medical procedures without oppressive , superfluous stipulations that cause undue duress to the woman seeking the procedure, which include things such as repeated sonograms during which the patient must observe the screen prior to the procedure, and laws that require the patient to observe the fetal heartbeat before the procedure begins.

We will continue to prevent laws that ban medical abortions in favor of surgical ones, and vice versa. Laws that state that women pregnant only due to rape or incest are allowed abortions, and worse laws that state that no woman, including those pregnant due to rape and incest, are allowed abortions. Senator Wendy Davis proved last night that we, as a united front of sisters, are done fucking around.

Get your laws off of our bodies and out of our uteri. Please take a moment to let the enormity of this win sink in.

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Once it has, call Wendy. Call her with your story, call her with your thanks. Call her to let her know that you stood with her last night, and that she was not alone. It is NO. Her latest work, however, has obliterated everything else she's written to date. Combining sci-fi with romance is a recipe for awesomeness, in this reviewer's opinion. They see no one but authorized personnel until their twenty-first birthday.

Which is usually when they die. Direct contact is forbidden. As she cares for these girls, no one ever suspects who she actually is. Scientist Malcolm Odin hated his job and hated himself. Put in charge of the entire human engineering program, the experiments and suffering he witnessed made him sick.

Still, it paid the bills and kept him living comfortably in Terrecina. The Level People, they were called. When he confides his unease to Julie, she lets him in on her secret and into her heart. What starts as fancy ends in revolution, but how will they choose between their fellow man and each other? Now, Sci-fi is, without a doubt, my cup of tea.

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Echoing with faint tones of Heinlein mixed with the cult-classic television and movie dramas "Firefly" and Serenity," it blends a desperately dystopian future with the timeless ray of hope -- love. Characters Malcolm and Julie are well developed, with a depth that none of Swann's characters have seen thus far.

The plot is well paced and engaging, and Swann's imagination really took off with the details of this new, bleak society. Here, read for yourself one of my favorite excerpts:. He was about to utter a few words of warning before they entered the dark confines of the tunnel when a thin but strong arm reached from behind an old highway streetlight pole and wrestled him off the road.

He shouted in surprise, and Julie and Anna ran to his side. See all eBooks. Swipe to see more books.

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Series Series by this author. Hollywood Hotties. Swipe to see more series. News 2. Reviews Faking Perfection. I really enjoyed the emotion of this one and I have to say is the perfect complement to the first book of the series. Overall this is a really quick, sweet read.

This book is a really good one. This is a 60 page novella about Evan Walker, an assistant hired to work for Cree a celebrity in the middle of filming a movie. Acting Out. RT Salon: Rand Paul caught plagiarizing -- again! Sign up to our newsletter Be the first to receive the latest news and exclusive offers straight to your inbox. Sign up today. The next batter, catcher Ryan Garko, took Hutchison deep to left-center for a three-run homer.

Designated hitter Jason Cooper made it back-to-back jacks and a tie ballgame with a bomb to right. Three batters later right fielder Carlos Quentin chased Hutchinson with a two-run shot to left, and the rout was on. The California bullpen gave up six straight hits to open the eighth inning, giving up four runs. Cooper, whose seventh inning solo home run had sailed deep onto the adjacent soccer field, then hit an even louder three-run shot - avoiding the soccer field by connecting dead-on about three-fourths of the way up the pole of a right field light standard.

He finished the game 5-for-5 at the plate. The Cardinal rode seven strong innings from starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie , who is rated one of the top hurlers in the nation. No less than fifteen scouts were seen raising and lowering radar guns on every Guthrie pitch in the first two innings. All nine players who started the championship game in Omaha last year remain on the Cardinal roster this season. The Bears are the last team to defeat Stanford in a three-game series, taking two of three from the Cardinal at home last April. Power has been restored to all but three buildings on the UC Berkeley campus after a blackout on Thursday.

No injuries were reported, though several people were trapped in elevators, according to a press release issued by the university. They were cleared within two hours.

Eighty percent of the buildings had their power restored by midnight Thursday, but several residence halls and other buildings did not have their power restored until p. About 3, students living on campus made it through the night with the help of back-up generators and flashlights. Students in Bowles Hall, which did not have a back-up generator, were moved to other facilities.