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The main tweak is that the heroine is blind due to a childhood illness contracted when she was 7 and though she is otherwise fully capable, her family has kept her confined to running their country estate with little outside contact. Her coping mechanisms and the reactions of the minor characters to her blindness made the story interesting. A Winter Scandal is moderately entertaining — no particular clunkers but nothing particularly special either. The Handbook to Handling His Lordship by Suzanne Enoch has the outsiders combined with the Regency over-the-top element of governess turned shady lady turned marriage candidate for a titled gentleman.

Overall too overwrought too be more than a skip and jump read. Does his being a born-again virgin rake make him sexier? Maybe if he were doing so because he was saving himself for the right woman instead of letting down all of the dependents of his Earldom by turning his back on his responsibilities as the head of the family. Interesting references: Trotula de Salerno Italy or, more accurately, Trota de Salerno contributed to gynecological knowledge in the 12th century. Though No Good Duke Goes Unpunished deals with the dark themes of the then legally allowable violence against wives and children and ruinous gambling addictions the dialog has sufficient wit to keep the reader moving along without stopping to question the credulity of some of the plot points and character developments.

Points that in retrospect were very implausible include the following. A beautiful girl with bright red hair and very unusual bi-color eyes who lived a sheltered life under the tyranny of an abusive father at sixteen flees an arranged marriage with little funds or preparation survives in hiding for twelve years with her virginity and spirit intact? How to Capture a Countess is an amusing Regency romance without the over-the-top complications of kidnapping, evil parents, or murderous would-be-heirs.

With the whimsical notion of warping a European fairly tale into a Regency romance Eloisa James has created the basis for a series of novels. The end result is amusing — but the fairly tale aspect is vastly over-hyped in the cover blurbs as the actual fairy tale bits are incidental and late in the stories. That said, the ending after the doing-dare outside the tower was very satisfying — complete with a few happy sniffles — and the dynamics of two virgins navigating marital bliss were unusual.

Overall very readable — though perhaps not straight through. The connection to the Princess and the Pea is eventually made but the connection is very tenuous. Some touching scenes but not an engrossing read.

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The heroine at one point reflects on the parallels to the Pygmalion story but most of the story is much closer to a gender-reversed, age-equalized My Fair Lady which is also based on Pygmalion. The result was laughable completely disrupting the mood that writer and narrator were trying to create.

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I would have thought that Crossley would have had more trouble voicing the heroine. Instead, by using inflection, accent, and tone but not a higher register he made Winny, the heroine, very distinct from Mick, the hero. Clocking in at Fortunately the hero was very likeable and unusual for the genre and the sexual teasing was hot. The narrator, Barbara Rosenblat, did a nice job voicing both the male and female characters — no off-putting vocalizations during the sex scenes as was the case with The Proposition.

However, I could have done without the gulping and inhalation sounds at the end of long passages — was the editor asleep at the switch? Was the taping so rushed that it all had to be done in one take? Or were the sounds left in deliberately in a misguided attempt to add authenticity? I appreciated the epilogue — but I have a hard time believing that a Texan of that time would have grilled a heap of BBQ ribs and then relaxed on the grass wearing denim trousers and a plaid shirt.

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The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine by Jayne Fresina is a Regency romance with a few twists — notably the hero, while a charming rouge, is definitely not of the upper-class the heroine is. However, for me those quirks were not enough to outweigh the somewhat tedious and highly improbably Dickensian life histories burdening the characters. An okay but not cover-to-cover read. The mentally unstable side character could have used an end note providing scientific legitimacy to the condition; as-is it came across more as a very convenient plot device. The heroine was more worldly than the Laurens norm — but still the requisite virgin.

Still an entertaining read for all that.

Desire, passion, lust — all emotions he was entirely willing to own to. Especially with her. Not to be left out, the heroine also suffers writer-induced flaws. How can you separate mind and will? A person is either a head, heart, or gut type; but not all three. More by Grace Burrowes See more. A Duke by Any Other Name. Grace Burrowes. The Heir. Enter the lush, vibrant Regency world of the Windham family in this reissue of New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes' beloved debut novel An earl who can't be bribed A lady who can't be protected Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven, is the dutiful heir to the Duke of Moreland.

Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Then she let him go.

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And now she's determined to get him back. If there's one thing Heather regrets, it's that she let Lord Powell go. She listened to other people tell her what to do, so when Lord Powell proposed, she said no. It was the worst mistake she's ever made, and now she's determined to prove to Lord Powell that she wants a second chance.

But a gentleman has his pride to protect. He can't just let her walk back into his life as if nothing ever happened. And this puts him in a dilemma. He'll have to resort to unusual methods in order to get the lady of his dreams to marry him. Bracia Slater. Tom 5. Nowy Testament. Big Little Lies: The No.

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