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I know that we all have different fears, however I believe that the only way to overcome our fear is to face it and plan ahead. What I did in the past was start with what I know and what I can do first. The basic foundation for a business is, of course, your brand name, logo, your products, and how you would like to market these products. In the process of starting up and making hard decisions for your business, you should not hesitate to ask for help from anyone you know.

It could be your family, your friends, or even professionals who are already good at the field, but just keep in mind that the decision is all yours to make. The road to success and reaching your goals will always be under constructed and lined with tempted parking spaces. Imagine the possibility of the many paths you can take when you want to go somewhere. You might consider the distance and the traffic before you take a specific route, and also the goal you want to accomplish. There will always be plan A, B, or C, besides, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and many possible routes.

Be brave, know what you do and take a step, these are all that matter. I hope these tips can help you gain the confidence to start up your business, and when you do, tell me about it! Emerhub handles requests for visa and work permits daily and can assist with obtaining and extending the above visas in a timely manner.

Social visa is valid for 60 days upon entry. This visa can be extended: four day extensions with the total maximum stay of six months. To apply for a social visa, a sponsor letter is necessary from an Indonesian sponsor, such as Emerhub. The key limitations of a social visa are that you need to extend it every month and it is cancelled once you leave the country.

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A multiple entry business visa is issued for one year and allows to stay in the country for 60 days per visit. You can then re-enter Indonesia with the same visa unlimited times. The key decision therefore is — do you plan to only stay in Indonesia or do you also plan to visit other countries during your stay?

If the former then get the social visa, if the latter then go for the business visa.

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A representative office represents a foreign company in Indonesia but does not undertake commercial activities. This means you will be able to legally stay and work in Indonesia and also hire local and foreign staff. Growing out from an independent digital nomad into a entrepreneur with a team, finding qualified laborers can be a challenge.

All of it is taken care of by Emerhub. Read the full article on staff augmentation service model. We look forward to hearing more about your plans in Bali. Reach out to our consultants by leaving your contacts and questions below or get a an answer to your request here. Get in touch with Emerhub by filling in the form below to discuss how we can help your business thrive in Bali. Jakarta E-mail: indonesia emerhub.

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Lifestyle business in Bali Common activities of lifestyle businesses in Bali Bali is a perfect to balance mindfulness with productive business and set life into perspective. Here are some of the common business activities foreigners often conduct in Bali: Food and beverage related business restaurants, workshops, cookbook launches etc.

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One investment requirement per business classification In Bali, there are several limitations on the business classifications that can be registered under one PT PMA. Alternative solutions to setting up a PT PMA Unless your lifestyle business will require large scale investments there are better solutions for doing business on the island. Before you rush in to starting up a business, it is wise to do your research, just as you would for starting up a business at home. You can get information online, but you must have the appropriate visa for living in Bali and starting a business.

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Any illegal business owners face deportation at the least and heavy fines and imprisonment at worst. It might seem very complicated to get the right licenses, but without them you risk having your dream dashed, not to mention paying the penalties. Think before you ink!

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Bali tourist gets his holiday 'on the regular' checklist inked on his thigh — Daily Mail November 12, In any case, here are several advantages to starting a business in Bali Workers and material are affordable in Bali, if you have to build any part of your building. Many tourists flock to Bali in all seasons, although not quite so much in the hottest part of the year, so you can take a break then if you need to.

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  5. The people are accepting of foreigners in their midst, especially those that aid the economy of their region. There is quite likely to be less red tape to set up a business in Bali. However, it is still imperative to follow the rules and regulations for setting up and running a business in this country.