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C'mon Joseph Schooling, get up, fight and remember who you are

The vagaries of form, technique, attitude and preparedness are ironed out as much as humanly possible, usually with the help of coaches who analyse every stretch and stride. The life of an athlete is an open book — or at least an open spreadsheet — to those entrusted with perfecting their performance. Similarly, Ben Hunt-Davis, who won a gold medal in as part of the Great Britain rowing eight, has talked and written about how an obsessive focus on the little things took them from outsiders to Olympic champions.

Creatives, however, are often more like the athletes of an earlier era. They show up, trust in their own talent and experience, and hope for a good day. But, while sportspeople recognise that success is just as much to do with preparation as it is execution, we creatives tend to move from challenge to challenge without placing anything like the same emphasis on the bits in between if indeed we have the space or time for bits in between.

In the modern era, you could say sports people have started to shift their measures of success from external to internal ones.

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Creative work is intended to be seen, appreciated and discussed. But so is sport, and a sports coach might argue that if you take care of the internal factors, eking out those tiny improvements all the time, the external factors like glory, success and appreciation will take care of themselves. And if you think about the attributes that a successful creative person needs — mental flexibility, problem solving, prioritisation, editorial decision making, knowledge of other fields, calculated risk-taking and so on — they can all be worked at and improved.

There are marginal gains to be had. The second way in which sport can inform our creative process might sound paradoxical. The archetypal creative genius is someone liberated from the laws that govern others, wilfully indifferent to the boundaries that keep the rest in their place. Rules give sports their meaning; they make them watchable, playable and comprehensible. They provide the structure that allows a sport to communicate the dramas that play out within each contest.

Most creatives are in the communication game, so they also benefit from an underlying set of rules to provide a context in which their ideas can be read and understood. From the game-by-game rhythm of a tennis match, to the fourteen lines of a Shakespearean sonnet, and from the basketball court to the comic strip panel, rules mark out a framework within which to make sense of the action.

Frustrating, boring, baffling, impenetrable, pointless… to the uninitiated these are words that work equally well as descriptions of cricket, American football, free jazz or the work of James Joyce. As anyone who has suffered creative block when staring at a blank page knows, restrictions can be very liberating.

We always say: give us the parameters.

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Limitations bring out the best in us, they encourage resourcefulness, improvisation and originality — the very qualities we enjoy the most in sport and in acts of creativity. But that provides a huge opportunity for people who are able to recognise the difference between rules and conventions. The method, ridiculed at first, quickly became standard after Fosbury came from obscurity to break the Olympic record.

It was a completely different approach to the sport, but entirely within the letter of the law. His competitive advantage came not from thinking out of the box, but recognising there was more that could be done within it. Sports Leagues Social Tournaments Photos.

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