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Elaine Hopper - Always a Bridesmaid

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She picked me up off the ground figuratively and made me feel like I could be a beautiful bride. I went in with minimal direction from me and even with that she found me THE dress and most importantly made me feel beautiful. I can not thank her enough for her help and making me feel like a human and not a sale. Thank you for a great experience. My consultant made me feel very comfortable. I had put on weight and trying on wedding dresses has not been enjoyable experience but my consultant was very helpful and understanding and I had fun trying on the dresses with her.

Firstly, all of the staff at your store are absolutely amazing and go out of there way to make you feel welcome. My consultant was CC and she truly went above and beyond to help make shopping for my wedding dress a special experience.

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CC was supportive, kind and had a great sense of humor which made the whole dress shopping experience relaxing and fun. CC listened to what I had to say and helped to translate my wedding vision into a dress even taking the time to construct a mock bouquet in my wedding colours!

CC took the time to make me and my family feel special and I cant express how my grateful I am for the help she has given me. Secondly, I was very impressed by the variety of gowns the store stocks.

The Always a Bridesmaid Series

I loved that all the dresses were layed out by silhouette, it helped to make it easy to find the style you were looking for. All in all, I would rate and recommend Always and Forever Bridal — amazing from start to finish! Tamara Aguirre was such a delight. She was very patient and attentive.

Always the Bridesmaid Book Series

As Maddie juggles margarita fountains, late night counselling sessions and calming the bride, is it time to stop being the bridesmaid? I would have liked to hear more of Sarah, who delivers some cracking lines, which had me laughing out loud.

Lauren is a typical bridezilla, calling Maddie throughout the night with her elaborate plans, but when her demanding mother turns up early for the wedding, Lauren turns to her best friends for help at the most stressful time of her life, with hilarious consequences. There is a generous helping of romance too, but not always from the man that you expect.